“ Is it possible to leave the hotel during my visit?”
Yes, But please leave your room key with our front desk.
“Do you have rooms for 3 or more people?”
Unfortunately our rooms can only accommodate up to 2 people.
“Do your rooms have Wi-Fi connection?”
Yes, all of our rooms come with complimentary Wi-Fi.
“Are there any parking lots stores near the hotel?”
Our hotel doesn't have any parking lots, so please nearby.
“Is there a refrigerator in the room?”
We apologize for inconvenience but we don't have it.
“Is it possible to book a room in advance?”
We accept reservation for stay only, not for rest.
“Do you accept payments by credit cards?”
Yes, we accept several varieties of credit card, including VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express and Diners Club and Ginren card etcetera.*Only for those who rests more than 150 minutes or stay overnight.